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P6.25 Outdoor Dance Floor Screen
P6.25 Outdoor Dance Floor Screen
Waterproof outdoor dance floor LED display solution, modular design make it integrate into your place easily.?anti-vibration and skid-proof performance, enable your dance time happy and safe. Download

P6.25 Outdoor Dance Floor LED Screen

Enjoy your dance time with high-sensitivity interactive dance floor LED screen. It has high anti-vibration and skid-proof performance, it can sustain weights of less than 1500 kg per square meter. Special UV-proof mask material enable sun exposure without oxidation, and it has excellent light transmittance. With infra-red and radar technologies, it's capable of interaction with audiences. Multifunctional applications, piece together horizontally to serve as a video wall.

Modular Design: built to your size requirements
Innovative framing system reduces installation costs and installation time
Full motion video utilizing Novastar software
Live video feed capacity
Trillions of colors and 16-bit grayscale for true image
Extraordinarily heat sink design, work properly without equipping with cooling fans
Compact, rugged, and light weight aluminum alloy construction
Automatic brightness control
Rear service and front service available

Strict quality control process, ensure 100,000 hours' service time, enjoy peace of mind for years to come







Pixel pitch

6.25 mm

Pixel component



25,600 pixels/sqm


Module size

250*250*16 mm; 0.61 kg

Module resolution

40*40 pixels

Cabinet size

500*500*57 mm

Cabinet weight

9 kg/pce


1.5 t/m2


Front: IP67, Back: IP67



75 mm

Malfunction rate

less than 4/100,000

Splice crevice

less than 1 mm

Viewing angle

Vertical: 120° Horizontal: 120°

Surface evenness

less than 1 mm

Face appearance

uniform, no reflection

Luminance uniformity

uniform luminance between modules

Working temperature

-20~ 50 degree Celsius



Power supply

Input voltage 

AC 220 V, 110 V, ±10%

Earth leakage current

less than 3 mA

Input frenquancy

47-63 Hz

Rated power consumption

400 w/sqm

Max power consumption

1200 w/sqm

Control system

Control system

Windows XP + Sending card and receiving card + control software

Control method


Control hardware

DVI graphic card + control card + connection


Computer interfaces or other device interfaces PAL/ NTSC/ SECAM, S-Video; VGA; RGB; Composite Video; SDI etc.

Technical data

Drive IC


Qty of ICs

960 pcs/sqm

Driving method

constant current 1/5 scanning

Refreshing rate

1920 Hz




5000+ nits

Life span

100,000+ hours

Display content

Video DVD, VCD, TV, animation, picture, txt


10,000 hours


Using Cat.5e UTP where the distance between a control computer and an LED screen is within 100 m, multimode fiber for the distance of 100-500 m, single mode fiber for the distance of more than 500 m


Moisture-proof, dust-proof, anticorrosion, static-free, lightning protection, overcurrent and short circuit protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection

Reliable high-performance LED Diodes
Unique encapsulation resin design and glue quality control, deliver excellent wave length consistency, color balance consistency and chroma consistency;
Unique pin bending design effectively prevents moisture from infiltration, greatly improve reliability;
Matt surface treatment, non-reflection; fog-like encapsulation resin makes luminous surface more uniform;
Tall case and short foot design, suitable for encapsulating process, effectively reduces glue usage, costs less and delivers more value to customers.

1. Waterproof level of IPX8, excellent outdoor waterproof and dust-proof performance.
2. Moisture sensitivity level of MSL1, classified as the “moisture insensitive element”, no need moisture-proof package and dehumidity before SMT, saving production cost.
3. Passed the thermal shock test.
4. Passed the salt spray test, work properly in a corrosive or acid environment.
5. Excellent UV resistance performance, with light wane of less than 5% in 2 years in an ultraviolet environment.

SUM2017E Ghost-eliminating Drive IC
Eliminate ghost, light staying and noise, accurate color rendition;
Excellent low-brightness-grayscale performance and great degree of linearity, make your picture fine and smooth;
No color temperature deviation between LED modules, High-contrast display;
System Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM), High refresh rate and large 16 bits grayscale;
Fast output response, 20 ns minimum Output Enable (OE) duration;
Lower power dissipation on LED display, energy saving up to 35%; Lower the temperature of module front by 5 degree Celsius;
0.6 ~ 45 mA (6V) high-accuracy constant current output;
Smart output control, lower Electromagnetic Interference (EMI);
Excellent output current matching accuracy: dot to dot: <±3.0% (Max), Chip to Chip: <±6.0% (Max);
Low Diode Knee Voltage, 0.4 V;
Max data clock frequency: 35 MHz;
Schmitt trigger input;
Smart overvoltage protection, avoid undesired signal 'caterpillar';
Professional matching with your application for your best interest;
24/7 incessant work.

Control System Novastar Description
The system is capable to display warnings, advice, guidance, videos, audios, pictures, flashes, analog clocks, digital clocks, countdown timers, weather info, web pages, humiture, streaming media, RSS, digital count timer, vista clock to audience from hierarchical users in real time;
It is capable of feeding media data (video/text) for multiple LED displays at the same time with each of the these LED displays having its own play program and mapping area (area for showing the media data);
Take the remote control through the network and send out command data to the local LED display controller and to confirm normal operation of the LED display. In return, the control computer could receive status data from the local controller;
A play segment can have multiple page on which the layouts of the windows for media display are different from each other. Each page of a play segment can have multiple windows for media display. The positions and sizes of these windows can be set individually. Multi-date multi-period scheduling is available;
The media properties can be set include the background color, background picture, transparency, volume of sound, display scale, animation for entrance/exit(in/out), animation speed and color, effects, font, style, transparency for texts. Altogether, there are over 40 different effects for text/pictures displaying. With special data processing design, they are efficient and smooth;
Due to problems from decoders or computers, video could be stuck during being played. Stuck prevention function is designed for NovaStudio to escape from that kind of situation. NovaStuio2012 can recover by itself and begin to play next media when the video or sound being played is suck for certain time (normally 10 seconds);
It can continuously monitor the operation of the LED display with its synchronal playing mode;
NovaStudio can lock the computer for security, the key board and the mouse will not work after locking. It can self-recover from severe error. It is capable of being programmed to display an individual message to a LED display at a pre-set date and time;
By creating a copy of the play program files, together with all the media files involved and storing the copy in the hard disk, play program backup can be achieved for security;
Play log can be recorded, check, statistic and exported to Microsoft Excel files, which makes log management become very easy and flexible;
Capable of controlling and displaying multiple font types with flexible size and picture sizes suitable as per the size of the VMS;
Configurable scheduler on date/day of week basis for transmitting pre-programmed message to any LED display unit;
Monitoring the insertion of the USB disk, and automatically play the play program file on USB disk;
Programs exported to USB flash disk can only be safely and reliably plugged and played on computers with the MAC address being bound;
Capable of controlling brightness & contrast through software.

Power Supply:
The power supply was designed specially for LED display, small size, high efficiency, stability (Voltage regulation accuracy of ±2%) and reliability (MTBF of 100,000+ hours). Power supply has output current limiting, input undervoltage and output short circuit protection. Power supply employs efficient rectification circuit, which greatly improves the power conversion efficiency up to 87%, reducing power waste.

Distribution Box:
Distribution Box is necessary for a large LED display, if maximum amps of your LED screen exceeds the total amps of your home's electric service while no other home appliances are working. Open the main breaker panel and look for the largest breaker switch in the panel, usually mounted at the top of the panel. The number on the switch will tell you the total amps of your home’s electric service. Otherwise you can use home power as power source.

All terminal blocks are made from self-extinguishing materials. Terminals carrying power shall be segregated from control signal terminals.
All connections are vibration-proof quick release connections except for power cables terminating in terminal blocks, which shall be screwed down.
Cross sectional area of conductor can be estimated by this formula, AC = PMax/1.5, AC refers to cross-sectional area of a conductor, unit is square milimeter; PMax means maximum power consumption of your screen and other power consumption equipment working with it.

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