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P3.91-7.81 transparent indoor LED screen
P3.91-7.81 transparent indoor LED screen
Suitable for shopwindow or glass curtain to showcase point-of-sale or awareness-creating ad; No need to build support structure first, taking up less space, easy to install, almost no changing of style of shopwindow. Download

P3.91-7.81 transparent indoor LED screen


Low Pitch: The lowest pixel pitch in this line;

Ultrathin: with 60mm thick cabinet, suitable for shopwindow or glass curtain wall to showcase point-of-sale or awareness- creating ad;

Ultra Light:lightweight, a cabinet weighs only 7kg (of size 500*1000 mm for standard cabinets);

Transparent: with transparent rate of more than 53%;

Environmental Friendly:with power consumption of as low as 1/3 of regular LED display;

Easy to install: no need to build support structure first, taking up less space, easy to install, almost no changing of style of shopwindow;

Excellent Performance: S-PWM Drive IC, high refresh rate, large grayscale, high brightness, ghost-eliminating.






SMD1921, 3 in 1 LED

Pixel pitch (mm)


Screen resolution (dots/m2)


LED Screen

Module size (mm)

125 (W) * 500 (H)

Module resolution (W×H)

32*64 dots

Drive IC


Qty of ICs 384 pcs/sqm 

Area of module (m2)


Power consumption (w)

24 (max)


Front access

Brightness in white balance (nits)

2,500 (color temperature 6500 K)

Color temperature (K

3200-9300 adjustable

Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical)


Electrical Data

Max power consumption (w/m2)


Avg. power consumption (w/m2)


Power supply

AC90~264V, frequency 47-63 Hz

Safety standard


Drive method

Ghost-eliminating drive IC, 16 scan


10-16 bits

Refresh rate

1920 Hz

Color processing

16 bits

Working Conditions

Service time (hrs)

50,000 hrs

Working condition (℃/RH)

-10-40 / 10-80% RH (no condensation)

Storage condition (℃/RH)

-20-60 / 10-85% RH (no condensation)


CCCTUV-CEETL etc. Test standard

Control System Novastar Description :

The system is capable to display warnings, advice, guidance, videos, audios, pictures, flashes, analog clocks, digital clocks, countdown timers, weather info, web pages, humiture, streaming media, RSS, digital count timer, vista clock to audience from hierarchical users in real time;

It is capable of feeding media data (video/text) for multiple LED displays at the same time with each of the these LED displays having its own play program and mapping area (area for showing the media data);

Take the remote control through the network and send out command data to the local LED display controller and to confirm normal operation of the LED display. In return, the control computer could receive status data from the local controller;

A play segment can have multiple page on which the layouts of the windows for media display are different from each other. Each page of a play segment can have multiple windows for media display. The positions and sizes of these windows can be set individually. Multi-date multi-period scheduling is available;

The media properties can be set include the background color, background picture, transparency, volume of sound, display scale, animation for entrance/exit(in/out), animation speed and color, effects, font, style, transparency for texts. Altogether, there are over 40 different effects for text/pictures displaying. With special data processing design, they are efficient and smooth;

Due to problems from decoders or computers, video could be stuck during being played. Stuck prevention function is designed for NovaStudio to escape from that kind of situation. NovaStuio2012 can recover by itself and begin to play next media when the video or sound being played is suck for certain time (normally 10 seconds);

It can continuously monitor the operation of the LED display with its synchronal playing mode;

NovaStudio can lock the computer for security, the key board and the mouse will not work after locking. It can self-recover from severe error. It is capable of being programmed to display an individual message to a LED display at a pre-set date and time;

By creating a copy of the play program files, together with all the media files involved and storing the copy in the hard disk, play program backup can be achieved for security;

Play log can be recorded, check, statistic and exported to Microsoft Excel files, which makes log management become very easy and flexible;

Capable of controlling and displaying multiple font types with flexible size and picture sizes suitable as per the size of the VMS;

Configurable scheduler on date/day of week basis for transmitting pre-programmed message to any LED display unit;

Monitoring the insertion of the USB disk, and automatically play the play program file on USB disk;

Programs exported to USB flash disk can only be safely and reliably plugged and played on computers with the MAC address being bound;

Capable of controlling brightness & contrast through software.


Suitable for shopwindow or glass curtain wall to showcase point-of-sale or awareness- creating ad, almost no changing of style of shopwindow.

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