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P5.2 Outdoor Dance Floor Screen
P5.2 Outdoor Dance Floor Screen

LED parameters
project light intensity Viewing angle wavelength Test Conditions
Red LED 550~750mcd 120o/120o 620-625nm 25,20mA
Green LED 1400~1600mcd 120o/120o 518-523nm 25,15mA
Blue LED 200~260mcd 120o/120o 465-470nm 25,10mA
Module parameter
Point spacing 5.2mm (H*V)
pixel 36864dots/m2
LED light SMD1921
LED composition 1R1G1B
Module size 250mm×250mm
Module resolution 48*48
scanning method Constant current 6 scan
Box parameter
Box size 500mm×500mm
Screen thickness 80mm
Track specification 50 (height) mm*85 (width) mm
Protection level Front IP65 back IP55
Number of modules 4pcs
Box weight 10.5kg/pc
brightness 2300cd/m2
Contrast 2000:1
Viewing angle 140° (horz.), 140° (vert.)
Gray level ≥14(bit)
Maximum power 800W/m2
Average power 320 W
Operating Voltage AC90-260V
Frame rate 50Hz-75Hz
Refresh rate ≥1920Hz
Brightness adjustment 0-100%
Gamma correction ( 1 -- 4 )
Color temperature 6500-9000K
control method Synchronize display and control plan computer through DVI
Control distance Super five types of cable: 100m, multimode fiber: 500m, single mode fiber: 15km
Storage temperature (-40°C+85°C)
Operating temperature (-30 ° C ~ +45 ° C)
Working humidity 10-90% RH
life 100,000Hours
Mean time between failures 5000Hours
Protection level IP54/IP65
Screen flatness 1mm
Out of control point ratio 0.00001
Withstand gravity 2000 (Kg/m2)
Radian angle

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