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How to make your LED screen last longer

How to make your video wall last longer

1. Optimize the usage

It is crucial to know that how often LED screen remains switched on will affect its lifespan. Make sure you turn it off if possible because this will not only increase its lifespan, but will also help you to save on your power bills. But leave it off for a long time is not a good idea too, moisture and dust may corrode the circuit boards and ICs.

2. Effective adjustment of brightness and contrast

Adjusting your LED screen brightness and contrast can greatly affect its service life. The hours that are used to determine the lifespan are usually based on average equipment settings. Keeping it at a high brightness can end up reducing its lifespan. The settings will differ from one manufacturer to the next and they can be based on room or film. Effective adjustment is very important to keep your device in the best shape for a long time.

3. Effective ventilation system

Whenever you switch on the LED screen then it consumes a lot of power and this power ends up producing plenty of heat. The heat will have to be removed using an effective ventilation system. When there is a good location of your video wall installation, make sure that you give your equipment adequate room to breathe. Failure to provide adequate ventilation will keep the electronic device hot and affect the life of your equipment. High heat conditions affect the internal parts of a LED display and you should therefore leave suitable breathing space around its ventilation vents.

4. Installation of voltage regulator

It is a great idea to use a voltage regulator for your TV wall. At any time there can be a surge in the electricity usage, which can affect the operation of your LED TV. Temporary power dips can affect the electronic device and this, in turn, ends up affecting its longevity. Installing a voltage regulator that has a battery backup can help to provide additional power when there is a power dip and will protect your equipment against power surges.

5. Cleanliness is crucial

Dust is the worst enemy for your equipment, you need to make sure to remove any dust daily so it won’t pile up and block ventilation and might affect inner parts as well.