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What are LED displays?

What are LED displays? What are they made of?

An LED display is a flat panel display of a matrix of full color LED lamps serve as pixels. It can be used indoor or outdoor with high brightness. It can be fixed in a certain place or be made into mobile and modular panels with light-weight die-cast aluminum alloy structure case for rental or touring use. An LED display is made up of two parts: LED panel which is composed of several LED display modules pieced together. This part is the main body of the led display. Another part is the controller. The controller can also be divided into two parts: control board ( hardware) and control software. The control board include the sending card and receiving cards. LED displays with different specifications combine with controllers with different control technology, which generates various LED digital display solutions to different application of diverse requirements.

The configuration of the Screen contains:

1. Led module:

Indoor or outdoor LED display, they are composed of LED modules. LED module mainly includes LED lamps, drive ICs, PCBs and module frame and so on. Usually, there are several sizes of LED module for different pixel pitch display to choose from.

2. Display Panel

Display Panel is a LED display unit which can be used to display independently. It is made up of LED module and receiving card. A number of LED panels piece together to make a larger size of LED display .

3. Display Controller

Display controller commonly includes sending card, receiving cards and software. The sending card hook up to a computer and communicate with LED display through control program. Receiving cards connect with ICs of cabinets, receive orders from a computer and feed back to control system. Usually a cabinet needs one receiving card.

4. Switching Power Supply

It is used to transform different voltages of alternating current into 5 V direct current to supply power for LED display.