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New Arrival! M-Shine outdoor small-pitch LED displays published

Release Time: 2021-09-04


With the gradual strength of outdoor small-pitch LED display technology, the outdoor and semi-outdoor digital signage market will be the basis for the rise of outdoor small-pitch LED screen applications.


Facing the increasingly complex and changeable outdoor environment, the LED display market has put forward higher requirements for the original display manufacturing, among which "high brightness", "high protection" and "endurance" are the primary prerequisites. In this regard, M-Shine outdoor small-pitch LED display has the absolute advantage to replace the traditional LED digital signage.


From the visual level to the touch level, M-Shine outdoor small-pitch LED display has been used more and more in close-range, small-area outdoor projects due to the high pixel density per unit, so realizing the delicate pictures and meet higher viewing needs.


At the same time, the outdoor small-pitch will be applied to a wide range of close viewing distance occasions, such as store windows, community information bulletins, commercial plaza creative displays, information kiosks/ newsstands, bus stations, outdoor seating advertisements, light pole advertisements, shops, door lintels, gas stations, etc., these market segments can all be the application scenarios of outdoor small-pitch products.


In recent years, pedestrian streets and commercial plazas in cities have been increasing, and more and more famous foreign brands and luxury goods have appeared in commercial streets. Playing brand information on LED screens is also becoming more popular, the close viewing effect of small-pitch LEDs is very suitable for installation in window or street side, which is the best choice for commercial creativity.


With the continuous upgrading and improvement of M-Shine outdoor small-pitch LED display products, the outdoor application series are also continuously subdivided and extended. Outdoor LED display is not only a dazzling display hanging on the high exterior wall of a building, but also more and more small-area, short-distance, high-definition display effects of outdoor LED screens will emerge.